How to Pay by Check/Money Order:

If you would prefer not to use our online payment system (our preferred payment method), we do accept payments by mail via either check or money order. Payments must be in US funds only. Foreign payments should be made by International Money Order.

Please send the following information with your payment. If you fail to send this information, your payment cannot be properly processed.  Refunds are not provided if this information is incorrect.

Full Name:

E-mail Address:
     Double-check this address to ensure it is correct. 

Postal Address:

Telephone Number:

Workshop Title:

Starting Date:


Mail Your Payment to:

Coffeehouse for Writers
P.O. Box 436967 Chicago, IL 60643-6967 Attn: J. Banks

Please allow at least 14 days for delivery and processing of your payment. Payments not received by workshop registration deadline will be returned.

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