Art by Shay

Welcome to my little art corner. It's only a temporary thing until I get my real website set up and working, but you're welcome to browse. All artwork shown here is copyrighted by Karen Hertzberg unless otherwise stated (such as gifts). If you have any comments or questions, feel free to email me at [email protected]

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Pixel Art
Mouse over image for information. Click image for link to base-maker's site.
Please do not take any of my images and claim them as your own. No frakendolling. If you would like to adopt one of my dolls, please email me first.

My little wood elf! Inspired by my EverQuest wood elf druid, Shayalyn. Base by Mary-chan. Shayalyn, the wood elf druid. She looks sad because she and her adventuring partner have been separated, and she misses him terribly. DO NOT ADOPT. Another lonely little Shay. This time I dressed her in my own clothes, since she represents me. Base by Pixel Junkies.


My bases are free for your use. Just don't claim them as yours or use them in dollmakers. Feel free to change skin tone as needed. If you use my bases, a link back to this page is appreciated.


The EQ Pixel Army Platoon
These EverQuest pixel people were created with the use of the EQ Pixel Army's innovative Gnomish Portrait Machine! Most are guildmates and friends of mine from Endless Knot. We all play on the Brell Serilis server.



Screenshot Art
I cut my artistic teeth making screenshot art for my guildmates and friends. These are some of the images I like. Please don't borrow them. Thanks!



Gifts I've Given & Received
Please don't take any of these images. Thanks!

From Flute Concerto, in the Norrath's Studio Spring Art Exchange. This captures Shay perfectly. Thanks Flute!