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Special Event: Author Chat

Meet and Chat with Fantasy Author C. Dale Brittain!

C. Dale Brittain, author of eight fantasy novels, will be our guest for an online chat Wednesday evening, November 13th, at 9 pm eastern.  For one hour, Dale will be answering your questions about the craft and business of SF/Fantasy writing, as well as about her work.  For an introduction to C. Dale Brittain, see her personal website, and be sure to read her FAQ for SF writers.  We look forward to seeing you there!

CLICK HERE for information on how to access the chat. Please read the information carefully and be prepared to follow our chat protocol. 

About the Author
In Her Own Words

I've wanted to be a writer since I first learned to read, and started writing my own stories at the same time.  When I read "Lord of the Rings" at age 14, I decided I would become a fantasy writer. All the way through high school and college I wrote fantasy stories, mostly for my own enjoyment though I tried intermittently and unsuccessfully to get something published.  But at the same time I also became very interested in the real Middle Ages, majored in medieval history, and went to graduate school and earned a PhD.  So instead of trying to be a full-time professional writer (a virtually impossible way to make a living) I became a professor (also a very hard way to make a living, in the tight job market of the late twentieth century).  I never lost track of my original dream of writing fiction, even while publishing non-fiction as a scholar.  When the characters and situations that form the core of A Bad Spell in Yurt showed up in my brain, literally in a dream, I knew I had to write about them. Baen accepted the book with remarkably little fuss, and it appeared almost exactly 25 years after I had first (unsuccessfully) sent a publisher a manuscript.  So I guess my take-home messages are:  don't give up your dream, keep on writing all the time, and don't give up your day job!


A Bad Spell in Yurt
First printing, August 1991; second printing, February 1993; third printing, May 1995.

The Wood Nymph and the Cranky Saint,
First printing, February 1993.

Mage Quest
First printing, May 1993.

First printing, January 1995. [out of print]

The Witch and the Cathedral
First printing, April 1995.

Daughter of Magic
First printing, May 1996.

Count Scar (with Robert A. Bouchard)
First printing, September 1997.

Is This Apocalypse Necessary?
First printing, September 2000.