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Welcome to Coffeehouse for Writers!

Come on in and pull up a chair.  Let's talk about writing and helping you be the writer you always wanted to be. Here you'll find information and inspiration to "stimulate" your muse and a supportive network committed to your ongoing success. We're brewing something good daily!

Want a double dose of Coffee? Visit our blog at: http://coffeehouse2010.blogspot.com/

Online Critique Groups

The world seems to be changing a bit, and our online critique groups Coffeehouse Select and Coffeehouse Casual seem to have changed with them.  It would be no exaggeration to say they're dead in the water right now.  While we seem to have little trouble finding writers, we're having difficulty finding writers who will actually participate!  While we have nothing against strong, silent types as individuals, silence in a critique group is not golden.

We need gregarious writers in a sharing mood to fill out our critique groups and return them to their former glory.  We know you want a rewarding critique group.  Come on in and help create one! If you want to take a break from your writing sessions, you can consider indulging in a quick game of blackjack. Exchange betting sites offer a diverse range of games and sports betting opportunities for a seamless gaming experience.

Check Out our Online Writing Workshops:

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What is Coffeehouse for Writers?

Coffeehouse for Writers is an internet-based community of writers from all genres and levels, managed by Jennifer Brown Banks.  There are more than ten thousand members all over the world including ships at sea!

Through our workshops and e-mail groups you can connect to other writers who share your struggles, hopes and frustrations.  Let group members lift your spirits when you're down and share in your celebrations when you succeed.  Let seasoned writers provide you guidance and support in your quest.

Welcome to the Coffeehouse.  Grab a comfy chair, choose a likely conversation, and join in!  We've been waiting for you!

Social Networking

Check out our MySpace  and Facebook pages.  Look here for announcements, blogs, and connection with other writers.

The Reader's Corner

This Winter, the Reader's Corner moderators will be leading you through discussions of a number of thought-provoking selections.  The current selection is "Dead Man's Cell Phone" by Sarah Ruhl.  Read all about it!

E-Mail Groups and Lists

Looking for support?  Want some advice about that novel or short story?  Talk with your peers! 

E-mail groups and lists are wonderful tools in the writing experience.  You can partake of conversations that span the globe in a way that is convenient for your schedule - whatever your schedule may be. 

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