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January/February, 2010

A word about computer viruses. You are not safe.  You may have a top-of-the-line security program, follow all of the security advice, back up files regularly, and faithfully read security articles.  They can still get you.

Hackers and illicit businesses are developing more effective ways of stealing information, and your identity, from your computer.  We would have lost everything - including the Coffeehouse - if a relative hadn't sent a note wondering who this "Captain Raymond Pierce" was and why was he using our e-mail account. 

It has been a month of research and effort to clean and restore our information.  Evidently closing a pop-up ad on a reputable news site launched the virus into our computer - past all of our security software and settings.  It was only the fact that we keep no financial information on this computer and that we responded quickly that saved us a lot more trouble.

Be wise and protect yourself!

The Other Side of the Slush Pile

Author Victoria Grossack shares her experiences as a web editor and contest judge.  A new point of view can help you prepare your manuscripts more effectively.

Write Annual Goals and Discover a Journey Worth Taking

Writer Paul Alan Fahey shows us how making yearly goals can motivate you.  Reviewing past goals can help you assess your progress.

A Piece of My Mind: A Writer's Last Words

Columnist Bennet Pomerantz shares a letter from a friend he has recently lost. 

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