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This is the home page of a free e-zine dedicated to the art of crafting fiction.  We offer articles about writing, the how-to and the how-not-to.  We also offer articles encouraging all writers - from advice for the aspiring writer to help for the published professional.

You've probably noticed that these pages are brightly-colored and fun. There's a good reason for that. Writers sometimes take our craft so seriously that we forget that writing isn't a chore--we do it because we love it. After all, why else would we endure irregular hours, poverty-level pay (if we're paid at all), and constant self-doubt?  If not for the pleasure of putting words on paper, why write?

So join us for this month's issue. If you're not a subscriber, you can get your free subscription here. And if you're already a Fiction Fix devotee, we'd like to thank you for letting us visit your inbox each month. We love to hear from our subscribers, so if you have some thoughts, suggestions or kudos about the new site, be sure to send them our way.

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