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Fiction Fix is a monthly newsletter for fiction writers--from the fledgling to the professional. The bulk of our subscribers are novice writers seeking to sharpen their skills.

As of November 2006 our email subscriber base is 7,200.  Fiction Fix is associated with the Coffeehouse for Writers website. While previous archives of Fiction Fix articles are found at Coffeehouse for Writers, all future issues will be archived on this new website. Coffeehouse for Writers currently receives about 8000 unique visits to the home page per month. We anticipate Fiction Fix will produce similar numbers.

Email Newsletter Advertising:

Our email version of the newsletter is sent out on or about the first of each month. Advertiser guidelines are as follows:

Ad Length: 50-60 words

Acceptable Content:

Ads must be for products or services of specific value to writers and readers. We do not accept ads which link to or promote adult sites or services. No MLM or "get-rich-quick." Please do not write ads in HTML format.

: The image format must be either JPEG (.jpg or .jpeg) or GIF (.gif) The maximum width of the image must be 200 pixels, with height as appropriate to maintain the image ratio The maximum file size for the image is 35k

Deadline: Ads must be received by the 10th of the month

Single ad/1 issue: $25.00
4 ads/4 issues: $90.00

Please contact Carol Lindsay to arrange for payment. Payment is available online by credit card, or by mail with check or money order.

Ad Swaps:

We occasionally entertain ad swaps with compatible publications. If you would like to propose an exchange, please contact Carol.

Software and Book Reviews:

We will provide software or book reviews of writing-related titles in exchange for a single review copy. Please contact
Carol Lindsay for details.

Banner Advertising:

At this time, we are not offering additional banner advertising on this site.