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Privacy Statement

Fiction Fix and Coffeehouse for Writers maintain the privacy of members of our web community. Whether you subscribe to the Fiction Fix newsletter or participate in workshops or critique groups at Coffeehouse for Writers, we will not use your name or
e-mail address for the purposes of sending unsolicited email.

Fiction Fix does not sell, transfer or borrow names and e-mail addresses of members or visitors to this site. Should you receive unsolicited e-mail claiming affiliations with Fiction Fix or Coffeehouse for Writers, please forward the entire message to: [email protected].

We occasionally send community news to members on our mailing lists. These messages will be clearly marked and will originate from a managerial source within the Coffeehouse community. Should you believe an e-mail message's origin to be suspicious, please forward the entire message to us at the above address.

Members of Fiction Fix and Coffeehouse for Writers are not allowed to use the addresses of members of their mailing list communities for the purposes of selling names (or in any way making them available to third parties) or sending unsolicited e-mail. We will defend the privacy of members on our list communities. Spamming of list members by persons subscribed to Fiction Fix or other Coffeehouse lists will result in permanent banning from all Coffeehouse list communities and possible further action which could result in permanent removal  from our community.

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