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If you're looking for help or information, you may find it on some of these pages:

Workshop FAQs
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Help with Group List Subscriptions

If you've voluntarily subscribed to some of our discussion lists such as WriterSwap, The Reader's Corner, or Coffeehouse Buzz, you'll find information on how to change your subscriptions and settings here.

Workshop Facilitators
If you're interested in becoming a workshop facilitator, click here.

Contact the Coffeehouse Team

Student Services - Linda Bolander
For all things relating to workshop registration and participation, Linda will lend a helping hand. But she's very busy, so before you write her, please check to see if your question is answered in the workshop frequently asked questions.

Managing Editor - Jennifer Brown Banks
If you've found a website glitch, or would like to make a suggestion regarding the site, let Jennifer know.

Workshop Questions or Comments - Linda Bolander
Any questions, comments or complaints related to our workshops should be sent to our Administration department.


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If you're still new to the Coffeehouse for Writers community, here are some hotspots you'll want to visit.

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  • Fiction Fix Our award-winning newsletter for fiction writers brings you monthly advice on the nuts and bolts of the craft.
  • Community You'll find discussion lists  - a room full of conversations.
  • Workshops Explore your writing potential with our respected online workshop programs.

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