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Workshop Terms of Service

Coffeehouse for Writers writing workshops are instructional programs, however we claim no affiliations with universities, schools, or accredited learning programs. Workshop attendees do not earn academic credits and Coffeehouse does not guarantee academic credit of any sort upon completion of its workshops.


Coffeehouse facilitators are individual, private contractors and as such Coffeehouse makes no guarantee of the qualifications of its facilitators. We do our best to screen the people we contract to lead our workshops and preview all content before offering our workshops to the public.  Workshop attendees agree to indemnify and hold harmless Coffeehouse for Writers, its owners, agents and affiliates from any and all claims arising from the actions of its facilitators.


We believe you will be satisfied with the content of our workshops.  In the event that you are unhappy with the content provided in a Coffeehouse for Writers workshop, you must contact the Coffeehouse administrator, Jennifer Brown Banks.  You will be given the option to transfer to another workshop of your choosing or receive a refund, less a $5.00 registration processing fee. No transfers or refunds will be allowed beyond 5 days after the first day of any workshop. Refunds are sent within 60 days of cancellation.

No refunds will be issued for weekend workshops once the workshop has begun, unless the student experienced technical problems prohibiting his or her participation in the workshop. 


There is a zero tolerance policy against flaming in Coffeehouse for Writers workshops. Flaming constitutes harsh criticism, ridicule, or any language used to debase or slander a person or group of people. Any person flaming on a Coffeehouse for Writers public list, including our workshops, will be subject to immediate removal from the list WITHOUT REFUND OR TRANSFER. Members who fail to adhere to this guideline may be permanently banned from the Coffeehouse for Writers community and all of its lists and public forums.

Students and facilitators may not solicit goods or services within Coffeehouse for Writers workshops, or use student names and email addresses for any reason other than to conduct normal classroom activities. A student may be removed from a Coffeehouse for Writers workshop without refund if that student is found to be distributing unwanted advertising (spam) to class members.

Students of Coffeehouse for Writers workshops agree to indemnify and hold harmless Coffeehouse for Writers, its owners, agents and affiliates from any claims arising from the actions of other students.


Our preferred method of payment is credit card. However, if you would like to pay by check for your workshop fee, please send the required amount along with a note including your
full name, email address and the title and starting date of the workshop you are enrolling in and mail to:

Coffeehouse for Writers
Box 436967
Chicago, IL 60643-6967 Attn: J. Banks

Students outside the United States must pay in US funds via international money order. Currency payable in any form other than US dollars will not be accepted.


Any checks received by Coffeehouse for Writers and returned for insufficient funds will be charged a $25.00 NSF check fee. Any workshop attendee whose check is returned for insufficient funds will be responsible for unpaid workshop fees, NSF check fees, and may be held responsible for reasonable attorney and collection costs.


Please submit any questions, comments or problems here.



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