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Some of our workshops sell out each term, leaving a few of our friends disappointed. Since we hate to see grown writers pout, we're telling you which workshops almost always fill before deadline...so you can get a head start.


What Our Students are Saying

Our students tell us our workshops are wonderful, inspiring, motivational, and even life-changing. Who are we to argue? We believe we offer some of the finest, most affordable workshops on the Web. But don't listen to us (we're a little biased), take a look at what our students have to say.

"Gets you thinking and working on several aspects of your writing. Loved this workshop! Highly recommended for those who lack time and willing to spare 48 hours from their work to work on their writing".

     ~Fatmah Ali, Don't Query, Be Happy! student

"I just wanted to let you know that this course has given me the tools and encouragement to face the scary task of starting a NOVEL - it is scary but a challenge that I want to undertake and I think to use these paintings is going to be a way INTO the whole process..."
Anne Cimon, Visual Art & Creative Writing student

"This workshop was invaluable. Not only did [it] have excellent materials, [the facilitator] fostered a very supportive environment which made all students feel comfortable actively participating. The course had a huge impact on my life, as the group of students have stayed together and formed an excellent support group."
    - T.J.

"What an interesting and insightful approach to writing . . . What a wonderful teacher you are, taking such care in giving detailed feedback . . . Wow, I am stunned. These exercises, when done in succession and without much interruption and without thinking, are hypnotic. I just had to say this before I continue. I have gone into a direction that I had no idea about before I began the exercise . . . That's the wonderful thing about online classes. This fresh thought that streams into my house at any time (I am still in my pajamas) and makes me think along different lines . . . Everybody has produced such strong combinations of words, such metaphors, such 'poetry in motion.'  I really enjoy reading through all these exercises . . . Isn't it wonderful what this workshop brings out in us . . . since I started this class I have begun to look at installations that interact with the natural world in a different light . . . Suddenly I am interested in the origins of, meaning of, reasons for art, and the opinions by experts on the subject . . .  I am so excited over this whole workshop - a serendipitous exploration that leaps from word to image . . . I absolutely love being involved in thoughts of writing and this class has given me a ton of visions . . . I had a great time. Thanks Laura."
Gisela Foster

"Since the workshop...I have been writing daily, making more sales than ever and working diligently on overcoming the personal roadblocks to writing success."
    -- Workshop Student

"[The] facilitator was fabulous...learned so much from her, a great teacher and a great writer. I would recommend [the workshop] to anyone...very useful."
    -- Workshop Student

 Thanks so much for your insightful observations. I'm giving them a lot of thought . . . as I'm sure you've realised by now, everyone seems to be getting a lot out of this workshop and your wonderful guidance . . . It's fantastic what you can see when you take the time . . . the exercises definitely created a reaction to the painting . . . I also know that there is no way in the world I would have reached the images I reached without doing the exercises . . . Thanks Laura for the exercises!!!  And the fantastic job you're doing here . . . I really appreciate your input and extra tidbits. I'm loving the workshop . . . You give us way beyond what we paid for! . . . I have received much much more than I expected from the exercises.  I feel that they have given me a different way of writing, and a much deeper understanding of visual art, and of the writing process.  I feel the change in my writing even in such a short time . . . I also feel that I am coming away from this workshop with enough to keep me going for months."
    -- Helene

"I'm very impressed with the amount of material. I expect[ed], honestly, a cheesy "how to paint by numbers" sort of workshop. But I had taken another [Coffeehouse] workshop and was so impressed I gave this one a chance. Glad I did!"

"What I liked most about this workshop was, it was quick, easy to follow, and had fast turnaround time for responses.  I think I learned more about what makes a personal essay here than in months of reading books and plowing through traditional classes."  
  - Susan B.

"I LOVED this class!  The facilitator was very patient and VERY well versed in all that we discussed.  Her critiques were both fair and helpful, and the time she took to answer questions was such a help to me personally. Thank you so much." 
  -- Elizabeth W.


What Our Members are Saying

Our website and e-mail community members tell us great things about our work.  Take a look.

The graphics on the site are interesting & make it easier to navigate. The workshops have been informative & worthwhile. Their variety means that if something isn't my cup of java this month, maybe next month my mug will be under the pour spout. The zines/columns I receive are always worth my time--even if I can't use something immediately.  This is a comfortable, welcoming site & I visit it often.  the humor makes it worth my time...tres amusante!

Hi Mom! This is really cool.


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