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What's a writing perc?  Well, in this case "perc" is short for "percolate." You might wonder how the Writing Perc will help you brew ideas.  It's simple.  We use the concept of freewriting to help you tap into your subconscious mind, where all the creative energy lies.  In freewriting, we simply write--no stopping to correct grammar or ponder our syntax.  We get the words out, and we don't worry whether they are divine or ridiculous.

Each week, you'll receive an assignment of sorts from our Prompt Mistress urging you to freewrite about a certain subject, or try a new technique. You may write on our subject, or one of your choosing, but the key is you must write. Writing is what makes us writers. Join this announcement-only list and discover your writing self.

To Subscribe to the Writing Perc

All you need to do is send a blank email

Share Your Freewriting

Want to share your freewriting with other writers? This Coffeehouse Percolator allows you to post your freewriting and receive comments and encouragement. Just send a blank email to subscribe.

NOTE: The Percolator is not a structured critique community. If you're looking for critique of your fiction, visit the Coffeehouse Select Critique Community.

If You Want To Write
   by Brenda Ueland

This book so speaks to the contemporary writer that it is nearly impossible to believe it was originally published in 1938. Brenda Ueland sets forth not just a philosophy about how to write or how to create, but also about how to live.

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