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Learn to Critique
The benefits of belonging to a serious critique group are tremendous. We believe you'll learn more about fiction by evaluating the writing of others than by having your own writing evaluated. So, if you don't know how to critique fiction, it's time to learn. To get started, we recommend an excellent resource by Victory Crayne called How to Critique Fiction.


Our Critique Communities: Coffeehouse Select and Coffeehouse Casual

Okay, you write. Maybe you're churning out fiction on a regular basis. It's possible you've shown some of your stuff to friends and family members, who encourage you and believe you have talent. It's great hearing the kudos, but it's hard to know whether you truly have what it takes to get published.

If you want to pursue excellence in writing, and your intent is to get published, the
Coffeehouse Select Critique Community is for you! Contact us for a copy of our group's guidelines. Once you've decided to subscribe, complete the enrollment form below. At one time, we charged a fee for this professionally moderated group. Now that the group is more self-sufficient, we offer it as a free service. But that doesn't mean we don't expect you to take membership seriously! Your participation as both author and critic is mandatory, as our guidelines will explain.

If you feel like your writing may need a little more help with basics or you're interested in a more relaxed community atmosphere, the Coffeehouse Casual Critique Community may be for you.  Just indicate on the Application form that you'd like to be considered for the Coffeehouse Casual community.

Don't forget to check out our other wonderful writing lists! We have much to offer--motivation, high drama, poetry, a reader's club and kinship. Take a look and see for yourself.

To join our critique community, please complete the application below. NOTE: You must include a well-written, edited sample of your fiction or creative non-fiction writing to be considered for this group. Don't send us anything but your best.  Applications exhibiting poor grammar, spelling, or punctuation, or containing writing samples of anything other than fiction or creative non-fiction will be rejected automatically.

Coffeehouse Select Application

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Which Community would you like to join? 

Tell us your fiction writing goals?

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Please send us a 500 word sample of your best writing. (Copy and paste below)

Problems with this form? Contact us.



How to Read and Why
   by Harold Bloom

Okay, we admit this may be more scholarly reading than some of us are ready to tackle. Still, it's well worth the effort for the serious writer. How should we read? Slowly, with love, openness, and with our inner ear cocked. Then we should reread, reread, reread, and do so aloud as often as possible. And why should we engage in this apparently solitary activity? To increase our
wit and imagination, our sense of intimacy--in short, our entire consciousness--and also to heal our pain. "Until you become yourself," Bloom avers, "what benefit can you be to others?" So much for reading as an escape from the self.


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