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Fabulous Prize!

Well, okay, those game show bonus prizes usually aren't all that fabulous, but if you're a writer, ours is cool. 

Our winner will receive a free 4-week Coffeehouse for Writers online workshop of his or her choice. ($80.00 value.)

Coffeehouse Contest
Scene from a Coffeehouse

Entry Deadline: Judging in progress

Due to a problematic mail link, we've extended our contest entry deadline from January 20 to February 24. We're in the process of final judging at this time. STAY TUNED!

Here's the set-up. You (or your character) are in a coffeehouse sipping cappuccino and writing. As you're working away at your craft, you discover some important truth about writing, some premise that wakes you up, changes your perception, and somehow makes you a better, stronger writer.

Your submission should be fictional, but it may be based on real-life. Your character may be anyone, but should more or less represent you, the writer. Stories must be no more than 500 words in length. Be sure that your submission is a complete short-short story--not just a vignette. We should feel a sense of completion and resolution at its conclusion. Stories with a rich, resonant literary quality are most likely to get the attention of our judges.

Submit your entry as PLAIN TEXT copied into the body of an email message. Attachments will be deleted unopened. At the BOTTOM of your entry, please include your name, address, telephone number and email address. 

Send entries by deadline date to:

[email protected]


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