Author Showcase : Alfred Martino
Bennet Pomerantz

I have known Alfred Martino for years as a friend and audio book publisher. His company Listen & Live Audio, Inc have some great audiobooks. I was more impressed with his first novel Pinned (Harcourt and on audio from his Listen and Live Audio).

So, after speaking to the powers that be (Thanks Carol), I have started a showcase interview column of new authors or authors with new releases for their take on the writing perspective. I hope you find this interview and future interviews insightful

Bennet Pomerantz: When did you consider yourself a writer?

Alfred Martino: Unfortunately, though I spent much of my free time actually putting pen to paper--writing short stories and finishing my novel, Pinned--I did not consider myself a writer until I climbed the most final hurdle and had Harcourt commit to publish my novel.

BP: How long have you been a writer?

AM: I began writing short fiction seriously in 1991 while I was getting my master in business administration. It made for a wonderful diversion from balance sheets, P/L statements and cash flow calculations.

BP: Where did you get your ideas for your novel Pinned?

AM: Because I have been an amateur wrestler, coach and fan for over thirty years, the wrestling aspects of Pinned were very easy to write. The rest of the novel, however, took quite a lot of my energy and effort to write, mostly because I had a point that I wanted to make and had to write the story to make those points, instead of visa versa.

BP:. How long did Pinned take you to write?

AM: I began Pinned in 1994; it was published in March 2005.

BP: So run it down for me, How long did it take from the first draft to publishing of this book?

AM: In the neighborhood of ten years, though many of those years were spent trying to become a good enough writer to put down on paper the story I had in my mind. Regardless it was a long haul.

BP: What was the first feeling you had when you knew your book was being published?

AM: It was probably the most rewarding feeling I've ever had in my life. Part of me was proud to have enough talent to write the book; but most of me was proud that I had stuck with the process long enough to finally see the book published.

BP: Present company aside (I loved his book!), how did you feel regarding the critics of your work?

AM: It bothers me quite a lot, though I diffuse that bother by telling myself the critic has no idea what he or she is talking about.

BP: Any feedback from readers that you found interest or profound?

AM: I can tell when someone has 'read' the novel as I intended. Those times are most rewarding.

BP: Other than Pinned, do you have any other novel or other works you are working on?

AM: Yes, I am working on another teen novel dealing with the double standard that our society has for athletes who break laws.

BP: Being an audio producer for Listen & Live audio, was it a different feeling when your company recorded your audio production of Pinned?

AM: I was very excited to have my words narrated by actor Mark Shanahan. I did not go in the studio, however, and the only instruction I gave to my business partner Alisa, who directs our recordings, was for Mark to read the novel with a serious tone. His narration exceeded all of my expectations.

BP: In hindsight would you have changed anything in your novel?

AM: No, I am pleased with it and, frankly, I spent way too much of my life working on it to worry about changes now.

BP: Any plans for a sequel with the characters from Pinned

AM: They will be mentioned tangentially in my new novel.

BP: What writers, authors, newspapermen, etc do you look up to?

AM: Author and writing guru Natalie Goldberg was my primary inspiration when I first began writing. It was through her books that I knew deep down writing was something I would do for the rest of my life.

BP: Any Advice to writers just starting out that you would like to impart

AM: Don't quit. Don't ever quit.

Thank you Alfred!

By the way, our next author showcase is the wonderful charming author, columnist, mystery writer (believe me this lady done it all!) Elaine Viets.

Til next time, reach for the stars!

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