Marketing and PR for Writers

Facilitator: Bev Walton-Porter
Email: [email protected]

Course Syllabus
Being a published writer goes way beyond just words published in a magazine, newspaper, or online content site. These days, if you want to be assured of more assignments and better pay, you have to let people know your writing is out there! The physical act of writing is only half the equation - smart marketing is the other!

Publicity and marketing combined help to form the foundation of a successful writing career. Through this course, you'll master each of these elements. Whether you're a beginning or seasoned writer, there's a time when you must go past the mechanics of querying, writing stories, or developing articles and concentrate on essential marketing methods to highlight your work.

From traditional methods to conquering online venues, you'll learn how to strike the right combination of both to infuse your writing career with energy!

Week One:
Exploring Traditional Marketing Methods for Writers

Week Two:
Using Local and Regional Media Sources for Publicity

Week Three:
Digital Marketing for the Millennium - and Beyond!

Week Four:
Pulling It All Together: Developing an Effective Marketing


In this course, students will learn how to tap into not only the basic elements of traditional marketing, but they will also learn the newest strategies for getting the word out there in the online community about who they are as writers.

By the conclusion of the course, students will understand how to design a personalized campaign that will harness their creativity and ingenuity in order to best present their work in a positive light. 

Required Materials: None

About the Facilitator:

Bev is a professional writer/editor who has had hundreds of articles featured in numerous publications, both in print and electronic format. Her article, "How to Promote Your Work Online" was one of the featured pieces in Debbie Ridpath Ohi's December 2000 release, "Writer's Online Marketplace," published by Writer's Digest Books.

She has been a contract editor for NBC Internet, senior editor for and BookStop editor for Currently, she is a staff writer for Inscriptions Magazine and she also serves as contributing editor for's freelance writing site and managing editor for the journalism/publishing sections. She is a delegate and grievance officer/contract adviser for the National Writers Union, as well.

When she's not writing, Bev facilitates writing workshops and does her best to inspire and motivate others to write and sell their work. "Life's too short not to do what you truly love," she says. "After all, isn't that what we're all here for?"

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Books recommended on this page are not required reading for participation in the course. Required materials, if any, are listed in the course syllabus.

Guerilla Marketing for Writers
by Jay Conrad Levinson, Rick Frishman, and Michael Larsen

Guerrilla Marketing's 100 weapons for selling your work range from creating media kits and promotional calendars to appearing at book-group discussions and fundraisers. Each "weapon" is rated by its monetary cost to the author, and well over half are free.

Grassroots Marketing: Getting Noticed in a Noisy World

Leave it to someone who writes about the virtue of frugality to produce a book that, by design, is a bargain. Shel Horowitz is a publicist extraordinaire, and "Grassroots Marketing" is head and shoulders above the crowd in its genre because it contains timeless information that is both creative and economically practical.