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My bases

Simple rules: If you use her, link me back. If you need to make minor modifications like skin tone or eye color, go ahead, but no frankendolling. Please don't use my bases for drag and drops or any other sort of doll maker. And if you like, send me an email of your finished doll--I'd love to see!

The Voluptuous Base

Inspired by the art of Coop

I've noticed a really similar base at Dell's Dolls. This one honestly is my own, although it's pretty clear Dell and I used the exact same Coop pose. :P

Sorta Random...

EverQuest Barbarian

EverQuest Erudite

EverQuest Rogue

Inspired by the EverQuest art of Keith Parkinson.
I know, she's huge. Go ahead...make a doll on her. I dare you.