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My Dolls

Rules and Stuff

My rules are simple--if you adopt one of my dolls, just credit me and give me a link back. All my dolls are copyrighted, so please don't claim them as your own or use bits and pieces to frankendoll. And please, please, direct linking! Direct linking is bandwidth theft. Copy the images to your own hard drive and upload them to your site from there instead of stealing my bandwidth. Thanks!

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The latest...

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Casual Corner...

I don't have many yet, but with this growing obsession of mine I'll be  working on a nice collection! Mouse hover over the image for details, or click the image to go to the base creator's website. 


Base by Solace. DO NOT ADOPT. This one's personal.



 Playing Dress Up...


The Fantasy Realm...

Do not adopt!


Adventures in Norrath (EverQuest Dolls)

These dolls were made based on individual EverQuest players' RP characters. PLEASE DO NOT ADOPT!