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Have you heard what students are saying about Coffeehouse for Writers Online Workshops? For testimonials, check out our raves page, or read some cheers for our facilitators.

Give it a Try!

We know that taking a workshop is a leap of faith. What will it be like? Will you learn anything? Will you be able to handle the assignments and keep up with workshop correspondence?

That's why we'd like to allow you to take one of our workshops for a spin at no charge. Now, you can audit the popular Unleash the Creator workshop.

What's Auditing?

Don't worry, in this case the word "audit" has nothing to do with the IRS. All it means is that you will be an observer. Instead of fully participating like an enrolled student, you'll be allowed to peek in the window and watch what's going on. You'll be able to read the course lessons and assignments and follow along as enrolled students submit their work for review. You won't be able to submit work yourself until you enroll, but you can always follow along on your own.

To get started, just add your name to our email list.

How to Join

You can join the Unleash the Creator workshop at any time. Just be aware that unless you subscribe on or near the start of classes, you will either see a workshop already in-progress, or see no activity at all. But once you've subscribed, you can always browse through archived messages from the previous class. To subscribe, just click here.

 More Workshops

Registration for our January session is in full swing. Don't miss out!

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