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About the Writer:

Carol Lindsay is a freelance Technical Writer.  She is Managing Editor of Fiction Fix as well as Administrator of Coffeehouse for Writers.


From the Editor:
Broadening Horizons

Carol Lindsay

The focus of Fiction Fix has always been, and continues to be "providing insightful how-to advice for fiction writers".  We want to provide our readers help in rolling up their sleeves and getting into the work of crafting fiction.  Or WAITing to craft fiction - as the case may be. (Words Accumulate In Time)

Administration of the Coffeehouse and Fiction Fix has turned out to be more fun and rewarding than I anticipated.  Not only do I get to meet (via e-mail) some writers who are out there making the dream come true, I hear about writers from all walks of life, from all over the world!

There is an amateur writing group in Scotland that has self-published two books of short stories and poetry.

There is an award-winning writer in Romania who struggles to make ends meet in an uncertain economy. 

I have asked these people to write an article sharing their experiences and their feelings about writing - and I extend the invitation to you. 

Beginning in the September edition, Fiction Fix will have a new column "Beyond F/Fixing".  This will be an open column for stories about writers from all walks of life. 

There are a thousand stories about town - and no town bigger than the Internet.

Please consider being a part of this column.

Pay special attention to the following instructions from the writers' guidelines. 

NOTE: Due to the unpredictable and changing nature of viruses, we will no longer accept file attachments unless the author has queried first, and has been granted permission to send the article.

If you want to send your article outright, make it a part of the text of your e-mail.  This protects us and the website from internet vandalism.

This article is the sole property of the author. It is produced here with the author's permission.  The unauthorized use or reprinting of an article is illegal, and will be prosecuted at the discretion of the author.