Still Writing Ö Itís Not Too Late
by Amanda Sammons

Authors should begin thinking about promoting their book the day they sit down to write it. Considering your promotional options after the book has gone to press is too late. If you are still working on your manuscript, here are five tips from our media room to help you on your journey:

1. Have an audience in mind from the beginning. Imagine someone reading your book (someone NOT related to you) and think of reasons they would seek out your title on bookshelves as opposed to the competition.

2. Include a table of contents. This is especially important if your book is non-fiction. Chapters allow media outlets to quickly reference appropriate sections that might apply during an interview. If each chapter stands alone, it helps producers and editors glean important nuggets of information without doing much more than a quick skim, which is all the time they have.

3. Become part of a bigger issue. Fiction authors who are associated with a non-profit group or other types of organizations will have credibility over authors who are not part of a bigger picture.

4. Look through the newspaper and count how often an author is quoted or used as a source. From that, determine how often you might have been appropriate and how many times other books in your genre could have been used almost interchangeably. Be honest with yourself, do your writing and credentials provide something unique to media outlets that your competition has overlooked? If not, it is not too late to differentiate yourself and your book.

5. Become a news junkie. You are more likely to be used as a source if you know what the media is talking about. Even a book about something as straightforward as animals will have the potential to be used on more media outlets than Animal Planet.



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About the Writer:

Written by Amanda Sammons, marketing coordinator at BookPros, an integrated publishing and publicity firm in Austin, Texas. To learn more about the company, please visit or contact Amanda directly at [email protected].