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Make your time count to spend it. Doing what you want as a writer as also in life. Following the rules for you and not following the rules of others is the best way of letting your creative juices flow.
   ~ Anonymous

Extension of the deadline on Assignment One

As you read these words between the dates of February 2-13, I won't be at my desk working. I will be teaching students at the Hartley-Melvin-Sanborn Community Schools in and near Hartley, Iowa. I must give thanks to my friend, writer and educator Linda Akwa (for without her help, this event would have never happened) and Mr. Lynn Evans, Superintendent of Schools for the invitation. I will also be doing an adult writer's workshop at The Hartley Library during my visit, which is open to all. So come and see me!

Since I will be away - I am extending the deadline for Assignment One. This will not affect assignments two or three.

Those who missed assignment one

Your assignment is to write a query letter . . . 50-200 words . . . I don't care if it's serious or humorous.

The book that the query letter is to be about: the book you are selling is a self-help book about selling ice to Eskimos. I am not looking for a form letter, just the meat of the piece, the sales pitch for this book. Of course, send this to [email protected] with the words ASSIGNMENT ONE in the subject line. (NO ATTACHMENTS PLEASE). This assignment deadline is February second (Ground Hog's day), so beat the Christmas rush and send now. Any entries after February 15 will be null and void. I will reprint some of the best in the March column of ASSIGNMENT: WRITER

For the best entry I receive, I am making an offer. I offer the prize of a by-line. Your chance to write a one-time-only "To Be or What" (my newspaper column) which I will edit.

Those who missed Assignment two

Assignment Two I want you to use up to six words to describe the Earth. Please do not use such common ones like "There-is-No-place-like-home" or "Third-rock-from-the-sun." Be inventive and creative, but most of all have fun.

Please send your entries to [email protected] with the words ASSIGNMENT TWO in the subject line. (NO ATTACHMENTS PLEASE). The deadline for this assignment is March 15th. The best entries will appear in May's "Assignment Writer" column.

Now to Assignment Three

I co-produced an audio collection (Spirit of The American Voice) for the now defunct Americana Audio. In this collection, many different authors assessed what happened to our country and what 9/11 meant to them. Some assessed what it meant to be an American.

So taking my cue from this collection . . . This month assignment is simple. "What does it mean to be a good American?" The word count is 50-200 words. Since my trip to Iowa this month, I realized there should be two divisions for this special activity. Assignment Three A is for those under college age (say under the age of 18) and Three B is above 18 years of age.

The prize for this assignment in each division is an AUTOGRAPHED copy of Spirit of The American Voice.

Please send your entries to [email protected] with the words ASSIGNMENT THREE (A or B) in the subject line. (NO ATTACHMENTS PLEASE). Please include your full name and location in your E-mail. If you are under the age of 18, please include your age. You may include the name of your school if you want . . . The deadline for this assignment is April 17-Federal Income Tax day, so mail the taxes-do the assignment! The best entries will appear in a special "Assignment Writer" column in July for Independence Day.


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