L.O.C regarding " Dan Brown"

Edited by Bennet Pomerantz

An L.O.C. (Letter of Comment) is someone opinion to what I wrote. Last month, I addressed the issue of Dan Brown and his British lawsuit against him. Brown was found innocent.

However, in opening my mail bag (well my email), this issue is important to many as it is to me. These few letters I have reprinted here, I've captured what most of you are saying. You should know that these LOCs are the original letters of these people who wrote me-uncut and unchanged from their emails.


I read your Article and i agree with much of what you say. As a poet I've written several poems of various genres. I've self published several books and given many copies away to libraries and schools. The literary monarchy in it's quest to protect authors, like BMI and ASCAP is making it hard for the very people we want our works to reach eventually unreachable. As far as suing people for using words from your works do we sue people for saying time honored cliches' like " in this lifetime" I love you more than words can say.... i couldn't believe it... etc. How can writers who use words created your works since before their ancestors were born and words they heard liked and used to create their masterpiece sue because someone inspired by your works used tidbits to further your idea. I say unless they use your work word for word to me it's not plagiarism. In the book of Ecclesiastes, it says there's nothing new under the sun. Even the idea of suing to gain monetary stipends. Should this trend continue only the people who can pay thousands of dollars to have their works published will be considered by publishers and the quality of literature will be lowered greatly. keep writing and keep fighting

Henry Wilson"

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