A Piece of My Mind: Net Resources
Bennet Pomerantz

Most good writers crave tools to help them work and need assistance to help them succeed!

One of the best tools available to most writers these days is the Internet itself. Many of the sites on the 'net to help writers are FREE . . . yes, you read me right, The price tag is FREE! So those writers who have said to me that they don't have the budget to spend on researchers, they don't have the time to know what books to get at the book store or don't have the time to get out to the library. You can't use those excuses anymore if you have an internet connection. Two to three clicks and as Superman says "Up, Up and Away!"

One of the best research tools and search engine sites on the web which I love dearly is Google. If you haven't used the Google site and its tools yet, you should now. Forget the crap you read about it in the papers about the government in bed with Google. It has more information than you can ever use if researching a single subject project.

After I have used the Google site, I suggest using another great web site . . . Refdesk. Refdesk is the one stop resource for research. For writers, this is the Starship Enterprise of research and trivial data. Everything from the quote of the day to this day in history, it has it all. If you want research, it's all there. Then there are ways to reference millions of other reference and fun sites it will lead you to.

Always want to read the classics but can't find them in your book stores or the libraries? Well read these books on line . . . Yes, I mean on line! Project Gutenberg (named after the man who invented the first printing press) has more than 1800 books on line, from e-books to online feeds. It is worth checking out.

If you are sitting at your computer and seeking a job in this crazy writing field, Maybe the Write Jobs web site may help you find one. This site has some job listing for all types of writing positions. This site also gives job advice on resumes and career resources. Another place to seek out for writing employment and career help is the Writer's Resource Center web site. A suggestion I make to all who use these sites or any other internet job sites , like Monster, Career Builders, etc . . . if the job seems too good to be true or they ask for a fee up-front. be careful and be wary. There are scams everywhere , even on internet job sites. There are some sites (like poetry.com) who want to reprint your prose or poem in their book and ask you to buy a copy-AVOID THOSE!

In a few months from now, I plan to do another MIND column on web sites that are useful to you. I want your feed back. Only one ground rule . . . NO PORN , SEX OR EROTICA SITES, but any other site you know, that are helpful to you and you want to share are fair game for this column . You will get a by-line credit for sending me the site if I use it in the column. So, please send me your favorite links with your name to my e-mail [email protected].

Also a new feature of this column . . . The BURNING question for the month which you can e-mail is . . . What person (dead or alive) in your personal life inspired you as a writer? You can e-mail me that answer with the word INSPIRE in the subject line (NO ATTACHMENT PLEASE-I will delete those without looking at them!) .You may send this answer to the AUDIOWORLD e-mail address . . . I will answer all replies that I receive.

On my own personal note, I do enjoy hearing your feedback , whether on the Book Expo convention floor at an appearance/workshop or via e-mail. I am glad to know you are reading and enjoying his column.

So, until next time keep reaching for the stars!

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