A Piece of My Mind: Evanovich's New Folly
Bennet Pomerantz

I always enjoy an inquiring mind and the questions that come from those with that mind. When I do writers' workshops, a few mention an article I wrote for Fiction Fix about the first time Writer's Tool Kit (article link). The next question after they mention the article is "What books to you recommend?"

After I rattle off such titles as Shrunk & White's The Elements of Style, Stephen King's On Writing and Lawrence Block's Telling Lies for Fun and Profit (his website just in case you can't find this one in your local book store).

Most want more titles on writing, right there and then. In a way, I feel like I am cheating them . . . And that I will leave for another column.

Today I will only share only one on writing that just came out


I love Janet Evanovich's work, especially her Stephanie Plum novels. If you haven't read any of the Plum novels yet, they combine mystery with humor and it works well. Thirteen best-selling books with one character must prove something right. When will someone make this character into a movie or two?

How I write: Secrets of a Bestselling Author (St. Martin's Press) is culled from her writing tips(the Q & A section ) she gave on her web site (her web site is evanovich.com). What makes the book unique is this isn't those tried and true methods that all those writing books talk about, these are from Janet's own and unique experience of novel writing. She is a voice of knowledge, listen to her real-life stories and gain wisdom. Her style in this book is part humor and part facts of life, but all Janet!

Her coauthor Ina Yalof, chimes in more on the technical side, but her voice is one of experience. From the beginning writer to the one who been writing a long time will get a piece of wisdom to take away with them. This book covers the process - including (dare I say it) writer's block  - to the end of the line (being published!). This quick practical reference guide is one of the best I have seen for sources of Information.

This is not a DUMMIES GUIDE TO WRITING. It is an intelligent self help book with verbal high-jinks that Janet Evanovich is known for.

So is this book worth it . . . You better believe it! Add this to your writing library now!


Food for thought question - What books on writing do you recommend?

So until next time, REACH FOR THE STARS!

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