A Piece of My Mind: Advice for a New Writer
Bennet Pomerantz

I get letters from many young men and women who want to be writers. Some local and some, like the writer of this letter, long distance. The advice is the same. This letter is from a young man, reprinted as written. It speaks to me volumes ...a youth with inspiration of a future goal-a career in writing

Dear Mr. Pomerantz

Who thinks that I can become an Author?

I want to write great books in English, which is my second language, and want to make a career out of it. I am 16 and have written many stories but no published - just for myself. But then I showed one of my stories to my teacher. She was fascinated and was amazed of how great I wrote and how creative I was and told me I can be a great author If I work hard. So how hard is it to become an author and is author a great career to pursuit.

Yosef in the middle east

Dear Yosef

Congratulations for finding a direction and a career choice at such a young age. I say to you this--DO NOT LOSE YOUR PASSION FOR THE PRINTED WORD. Writing is a chance for you to tell your special stories in your own way. Being a good storyteller is a true gift you must never lose sight of.

Many years ago, a well known writer and friend (the late Hal Clement) remarked to me and a panel of writer at Rising Star convention, "If you can get up in the morning every day and want to write something...anything, then you are a writer. If writing become a burden or a chore, you are not cut out to be a writer!" I tend to wake up with ideas in my head from everywhere from my dreams to the magical things people tell me. I always want to write my ideas down wherever I am. I think you should too.

Know this, It is hard to sit at a keyboard and create. It is a lonely life as you put together words which make the stories you want to tell. Ideas can either flow out of you like the sweetest wine or dry up like a desert raisin.

Now the hard part of being a writer and author is rejection. There are many young writers, who are starting out, who get very upset when their work is turned down by a publisher or an agent. Many critics also nitpick a person's ideas, word usages and style, which grates on the new writer's psyche. Some young writers feel this drubbing is too personal and against them. Know this, you must go past this.

A good writer learns that rejection is part of the process. If you take these rejections too personally, it affects your ability in your openness to write and create.

It is great you want to write, just remember to send your work out to newspapers and magazines. Having something written is great for your ego. Getting published is showcasing that you are truly a writer/author.

Congrats again for the choice. Welcome to wonderful world of writing. Good luck in pursuing this career, like any career it does take work. Now stick with this...I think you are up for the challenge. I hope to hear more and more from you and your writing in years to come. Best of Luck

So until next time, Reach for the Stars!

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