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  When Paypal doesn't suit you.

In several areas of the world the Paypal service is not available.  If that is the situation for you, please consider using


Ikobo allows people to send and receive money in over 170 countries.  Just log on to Ikobo and send your registration fee to [email protected].  Make sure your full name is included in the Ikobo transaction information.  If you have room, include the title and session of the workshop you wish to attend.

When you receive confirmation that your fee has been successfully processed, e-mail the following information to the Coffeehouse Team at [email protected]:

Your name

Your phone number

Your e-mail address
ensure that this address is correct.  This is the address we will use to register you for the workshop AND communicate with you.

Title and session of the workshop you want to attend
Example: "Prepping the Perfect Proposal" August 2005 session.

You will receive a workshop confirmation when your registration is received.  Then in the week before the workshop is scheduled to begin the e-mail address you provide will be added to the workshop e-mail list.  For more information about our workshops click here.


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