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Welcome to Coffeehouse for Writers Online Workshops. You're about to embark upon an exciting journey of discovery. Participating in our workshops is very easy--there are no passwords to remember, or complicated Web interfaces to navigate. All you really need to know is how to send and receive email.

We've prepared a few guidelines and pointers to help you make the most out of your experience.

Group Email List

We run all our workshops through a group mailing list administrator. Your workshop will take place on a private mailing list, which has been assigned to your class. There's no need to go to a website or chat room to take this class. You simply logon to your email and everything you need will be right there in your inbox--lessons, assignments, student/instructor interaction...everything.

The workshop administrator will add you to a group mailing list about 24 hour prior to the start of the workshop. You will receive an email giving you the list address. You simply send all correspondence to the group email address to participate.

Managing Your Email

There are a few advanced techniques--such as creating folders and message filters--which will allow you to handle your workshop efficiently, and without crowding your inbox. It's not necessary for you to create folders and filters in order to participate in the workshop, but it will streamline the experience. To learn how, click here.

Technical Issues

Anything technical going wrong? Please contact the workshop administrator, Jennifer Brown Banks or Linda Bolander, Student Affairs. They will help you with email issues, registration problems, or anything else you may need assistance with.

List Etiquette

Here are a few pointers for those of you who haven't participated on email lists before:

Keep personal email messages private. Chatty messages that don't pertain to the class only serve to clutter up everyone's inbox. When you want to send a private email to an individual, you'll need to change the reply address to the email address of that individual. If you simply click reply, then send--you're going to share your private message with a group of baffled writers. The email address of the person you wish to contact should show in the From part of the message. If you can't see it (for instance, if the From field only shows a name and not an email address), right click on the name and select properties to reveal the actual email address.

Be nice. We expect just two things of our students--cooperation and courtesy. Give your facilitator and classmates the respect you would want for yourself. We do not tolerate flaming in Coffeehouse for Writers workshops or forums. (Flaming is being nasty, overly sarcastic, harshly critical or otherwise rude.)  Please read our terms of service for more information.

Don't spam. Using the group email list or, worse yet, the private email addresses of your classmates, to send advertising for goods or services is not only bad form, it's grounds for removal from our workshops. See our terms of service for more information.

Be kind to your facilitator.  There will be times when you'll receive an almost instantaneous reply to your workshop post, so it's easy to get the impression that your facilitator is available 24/7. However, our facilitators do not keep regular office hours--they just check-in periodically throughout the day to respond to messages. We ask that you give this your consideration before you grow impatient for a response to your message. Our facilitators do their best to respond to student posts within 24 hours.


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