Revive Your Writing

Revive Your Writing

Bring your tired sentences, your terminally ill passive verbs, and your ailing descriptors.  We'll use adjective adrenaline to pump up your words. Take a dose of verb vaccine and watch them spring to life.  Your fellow doctors and nurses will help you as each of you revive your writing.  At the end of this course, your sentences will be off the gurney.  Your writing
will pulse with exciting words and phrases.

Facilitator: Amy Cipolla
[email protected]

Week 1: Field Trip to the Morgue (Examine the Corpses)
Week 2: Can This Sentence be Saved?:  (A Shot in the Adjective)
Week 3: Hand Me the Paddles, Dr. Ross (Saving a Sentence)
Week 4:  And, We Have a Survivor!

Objectives: Your course goal is to bring your writing to life.  Once dull, flat sentences will leap off the page.  By the end of the course, you'll be able to appeal to your reading audience with sensory sentences, strong verbs, and powerful descriptions.

Prerequisites: None
Required Materials: None (Stethoscope optional)

About the Facilitator, Amy Cipolla:

Amy has been a critique group moderator with Coffeehouse since February 1999, back when it was still The Novel Workshop. She is the Vice President of Membership for the Atlanta Writers' Club. Her writing interests include Southern literature, magical realism, and short

Amy has been published in online and literary magazines including: Byroads Magazine, The Rogue Market, Its All Happening at the Zoo, The Journal of Sheridan Edwards, and Her monthly column runs at Byroads Magazine where she masquerades as Ruby Mae in stories like Ruby Mae's Ghost Story and Ruby Mae's Rockin' Adventure. Currently, she's working on articles for Artwell and ForumEducation. She has done copyediting for Petopia, and helped with a build-a-book project for a group putting women's literature online. She also serves as a group leader for ANA, and reviews fiction for Word Museum.

In the fiction world, she has won contests in fiction and poetry through ANA, Creative Corner, the Atlanta Writers' Club and the Southeastern Writer's Association. She the requisite 3 novels in process but is currently working on a short story collection entitled At Your Service. Several of those short stories will be included in an anthology of Georgia women writers due out next summer. She has lived in Georgia for four years and hails originally from Wichita, Kansas.

Next workshop begins September 11, 2000     Workshop fee: $50
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