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The new owners are grateful to Karen Hertzberg for the wonderful work she's done over the years in developing this community, and for her continued support in readying the Coffeehouse for its second incarnation.

But don't think of it as the new Coffeehouse; think of it as Coffeehouse for Writers: the Sequel!

A Word of Farewell
  --from site developer Karen Hertzberg:

Hello Writers,

Six years ago, when I started Coffeehouse for Writers, I had no idea it would become a well-known and respected resource. I started with ideas and dreams, many of which came to fruition over the years through hard work and dedication, as well as the support of some wonderful friends and volunteers.

Early this year, I came to the conclusion that my involvement with Coffeehouse for Writers should come to an end. It was time for me to close the book on this chapter of my life. I shut down the site in early January with a mixture of sadness and relief. Those feelings were followed by a sense of great accomplishment, especially as email messages came pouring in expressing gratitude for everything the site offered over the years. Many people said that they were better writers, or even published writers, because of the influence of a Coffeehouse for Writers workshop, or thanks to our critique groups, or Fiction Fix Newsletter. They also expressed sadness at the loss of one of their favorite communities.

Fortunately, nothing is lost. While Iíve closed the book on one chapter, Iíve marked my page, and I now pass this tome over to Coffeehouse for Writersí new owners, Jim and Carol Lindsay. Iím certain they will turn to that bookmark, and begin where I left off. The story will not only go on, it will grow and develop.

And so, I bid you all a fond farewell. Thereís no doubt that the online writing community offers a fine and wonderful environment for writers to grow and nurture their talents. Iím grateful for having been a positive force in this community through Coffeehouse.

Write On,

Karen Hertzberg


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