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Welcome!  Come on in.  Now that you're here, have a look around and see where you might like to go next.  We've got discussions going on around every table, there's a group over there in the corner reading and commenting on each other's work, and there're some nice newspapers in that little bin next to the front door that you don't want to miss.  So have a look around, pull up a chair, join in, and above all, don't be a stranger!

What's in the bin today?  Let's have a look.

The Daily Grind
The Daily Grind delivers a weekly dose of motivation.  To find out more, click here.

Fiction Fix
Fiction Fix
is an award-winning monthly newsletter, where you'll learn all the nuts and bolts of crafting fiction.  Read all about it here.

Email Communities:
Pull up a chair! Feel free to eavesdrop a bit right here, but to hear more details about each group and find out how to join, click here.

Coffeehouse Buzz
Listen to these guys, bragging about all their latest successes.  Hey, there's always room for one more.

The Poetry Cafe
What's this?  Poetry readings?  It's your turn in the circle.  Bongos optional.

Writing Perc and
Writers Percolator

Get motivated to write in the Writing Perc and then share your writing in the Percolator - if you want to.

Knowledge Swap
Looking for a little-known fact or tidbit of information?  Expertise abounds in this little corner of the room.

Reader's Corner
Fall in love with the written word - again - and again.

Critique Group:
CH Select
CH Select is our online critique group.  Submit your writing for a helpful, respectful, and insightful review by your peers.  Look here for more!

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We'd like to learn more about you and your writing interests. CLICK HERE to take our confidential member survey.


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