Beginnings Magazine Joins Coffeehouse
to Promote New Writers

Many new writers fear taking that initial leap from aspiring writer to published writer. After all, form rejection letters can be devastating to the fledgling writer. What if that rejection letter really means you're not good enough to "cut it" in today's publishing market? Should you just give up?

Beginnings exists to give new writers the hope, inspiration and step-up they need to break into print. This wonderful magazine, published twice yearly, is dedicated to the work of novice writers. If you're struggling with the fear of rejection, Beginnings gives you a soft place to land as you try your writing wings.

Is every writer who submits to
Beginnings published? But editor Jenine Boisits doesn't believe in the form rejection letter, either. She writes personal words of encouragement to every writer who submits to the magazine, and often gives a brief critique.

Beginnings seeks submissions for their bi-annual issues. Read guidelines HERE and submit your stories and poems.

Subscribe to Beginnings
Support the efforts of Beginnings Magazine by getting a subscription to this bi-annual publication. Each issue contains fiction, poetry, artwork, articles on the craft of writing, and more. CLICK HERE for a printable order form.

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