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"Suzanne is an excellent teacher, and the material in the Core of Three class will be a great foundation as I learn more about becoming a children's writer."

- Jill, Learning to Write for Children student

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Learning to Write for Children: 
The Next Step
(Intermediate Workshop)

Facilitator:  Suzanne Lieurance

Workshop Syllabus

If you enjoyed Suzanne's first coffeehouse workshop for beginning children's writers, then you'll love this follow-up workshop that takes you to "The Next Step." You'll review the basics learned in the first workshop, use more in-depth techniques to create satisfying stories for kids, and finally, learn how to market your work. Please note: This is a rather intensive workshop and a lot of material will be covered each week. Be prepared to work. 

Week One: Review of the Basics of Writing for Children

Participants will review the concepts and ideas learned in the beginning workshop. Focus this first week will be on point of view (POV), how to "show, don't tell," and how to create a meaningful story conflict. You'll also review self-editing techiques learned in the first workshop.

Week Two: Creating Characters and Conflicts that Kids Will Love

Participants will learn how to create well-rounded characters (not the flat, cardboard ones editors hate to see), by conducting character interviews and/or writing character bios.  Then, internal and external conflicts will be developed for these characters as the basis for a story. 

Week Three: Putting Everything Together to Create A Satisfying Story

Participants will put everything together to create an engaging story for children, then critique each other's work (using the critique guide and methods used in the first workshop). 

Week Four: Learning to Market Your Work 

Participants will learn how to study the markets, then write a cover letter or a query letter for their manuscript.

Objective: By the end of this workshop series participants will have written a story appropriate for children and will learn how to market their work. 

Prerequisites: Learning to Write for Children - Beginning (Core of Three) Workshop

Required Materials: The current issue of the Children's Writer's and Illustrator's Market (from Writer's Digest Books, edited by Alice Pope).

Suggested Reading (prior to class): Anyone interested in writing picture book stories should read How Picturebooks Work, by Maria Nikolajeva and Carole Scott, 2001, Garland Publishing. 

About the Facilitator:  Suzanne Lieurance is a children's writer in Kansas City, Missouri. Her books include Kidding Around Kansas City; Shoelaces; School Projects for Pennies; and A Child's First Pet. Her book, The Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster In American History was named to the Children's Literature Choice List of Books for 2002. Suzanne also teaches for the Institute of Children's Literature, located in West Redding, Connecticut. 

Workshop Begins: September 15, 2003
Duration: 4 weeks  
Tuition: $80


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Required Materials

Books recommended on this page are required reading for participation in the course.


Books recommended on this page are not required reading for participation in the course. Required materials, if any, are listed above and in the course syllabus.

Young at Heart: The Step-by-Step Way of Writing Children's Books

You Can Write
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