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Bennet Pomerantz is a media review columnist in 175 newspapers with his weekly column AUDIOWORLD. His fiction and reviews have appeared in the pages of Affaire De Coeur, Gateways, Mystery Scene, Power Star, The Hot Corner, Washington Entertainment Magazine, and many others. He is also known for his review appearances on the MCN Forum. View his web site at Audioworld.


A Piece of My Mind - Site Seeing
Bennet Pomerantz

I don't know about you, when I am done toiling on my computer . . . I want to search the internet to unwind before I shut  off the old workhorse  for the night. I first check my  email ([email protected]) awaiting your comments on my latest column and then I read  USA Today (  to check the current headlines and up-to-date news stories. I may play free games on slingo, yahoo, and pogo web sites  to just enjoy a few minutes of pleasure.   It may be hard to believe, but I like exploring unique web  sites when I get bored. Sometimes this makes  my work better because I find useful and challenging sites to intrigue my  mind.  However, I also like to dig deep into the wonderful places when a writer can also mine ideas . . .  and on the net, there are many great places to journey, these are a few you may want to sightsee.

You know with all the viruses and scams on the net, someone needs to share some of these feared urban legends that have sprung up over the years. You know like Bill Gates Jr.'s  e-mail  promising a million dollars to shared by  all  for the passing around that special  e-mail with his name.  I am still awaiting  my few dollars from five years ago when I first saw the post, alas I don't think my money will be coming soon . . .  Until then, I use a  site about most  urban legends of the net . . .  I found some real winners of net hoaxes. Great reading for all who like to debunk the De bunkers !

I need a change of venue regarding my computer wall paper. I know it's just a computer screen, but when you stare at it for a long time waiting for that idea to germinate in your brain, you may want to make it cheerful.  As I write this, it's November and I am in the mood for a holiday wallpaper . . .something this side of Christmas cheer without that winter blah that overcast skies make you feel.  That means its time for me to view the different selections at ( This free site can give your computer a new look with screen savers, wall paper, etc. from Holidays to classic TV.  And did I say  FREE! You got to love the price!

Have you ever wanted everything regarding reference at your fingertips, There are moments I need a quote, what happened on a date in history, a zip code, or the current news. The best site for facts on the net is Ref Desk  (  This site is a Godsend for students, writers and for those persons in the know. It's like having a research general at your finger tips. It has everything you will ever need for research on any kind. It is one of the  writer's best friends on the net. This should be book marked in everyone's internet  favorite sites. Ref Desk  is  worth your time and will be a Godsend (I know I said Godsend twice in the same paragraph, but it is useful to me!) to you, as it is to me!

Okay, I love a bargain, doesn't everyone!  Now I may seem a pound foolish for most, but the best site for bargains and bargain hunters is still  EBAY . . .  (  This is not a shameless plug for them, nor do I work the mega superstore. However I have gotten some great bargains there. For example, I collect graphic novels (For those who don't know , these novels  are   a multi chaptered comic book story arcs placed in one book) and I have found some great buys at EBAY. There was this  one dealer had a bargain I could not miss. He had an auction of six (yes six!) graphic novels  with the starting bid at $19.95 . . . and NO ONE bid against me!  The nice part of the deal was the Marvel mini series 1602 (A find - still wrapped and sealed hard cover)  was in this lot of books. That book alone retails for $24.95 in Boarders and there were five other books in the lot . . . well you get the idea! EBAY also owns, so you may find  more good stuff there as well. 

I also must say when shopping EBAY or any auction sites on line, remember the old motto of shoppers and bargain hunters everywhere . . .  " Let the buyer be ware!"

There are a few writers' site you can use to find new markets to sell your work. WE must remember.  It is great to write, but it is better to earn a living doing it. First there is coffeehouse for writers ( for the best classes to help you get sales and directions.

One of the better sites for leads is Writing for Dollars (, Editor Dan Case has assembled a great section where you can find some great  writing gigs. I really do love their mission statement on the front of their web site, which I reprint here word for word . . .

Writing for DOLLARS! Focuses on the business side of writing
(making money). As much as we all want to write for the sheer
joy of it, prestige and accolades do not put bread on the table.
Read Writing for DOLLARS! to find current markets that pay; how
to market what you write and earn more; tips for entering high
paying markets; and interviews with successful writing
professionals.----ENUF SAID!

I am the least qualified to fix anything. When I was in High School, there was a rumor I heard that all the shop teachers said I was 'The most likely to get electrocuted using a screw driver'. So when a good friend suggested  I view the  repair clinic web site ( , I thought she was nuts. OK Kriste, I was wrong. This site is very interesting for people who like to repair items in their house. The detailed instructions serve a need and a purpose. However, I won't be repairing anything soon as I don't want to get electrocuted

For those  writers who want to write for film  or film students who want  study film scripts, I suggest Drew's Script-O-Rama.  ( This site gives you scripts, scripts and more scripts (Did I say scripts?). The screen plays are in every shape and form from a development idea,  through rough drafts  to  final shooting and production  scripts.  Someone said the best way to learn is observing. In reading some of these screenplays from grade B films, current releases  to modern day classics, the would-be screenplay artist can study the craft and art of film making.

Food is important. I do know how to cook, as most writers do. However, after all is said and done there are times I don't know  what to cook with what I have in the  kitchen. This is until I viewed the web site Cooking By The Numbers, which is an amazing site for those duffers in the kitchen. (  This web site takes what you have in the house to create meals. The recipes are simple and easy, and I could do it! If I can, you can too!

Now, this is your LAST CHANCE . . . I am finishing up an article on "When do you consider yourself a writer." Your feedback would be great. If you have already submitted, I have it (Thank you), I don't need another copy! For those who haven't submitted, you can send your comments on this question   to [email protected] with the word WRITER in the subject line. The article will be in either January or February.

So til next time, keep your feet on the ground and reach for the stars

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