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Creating Email Filters in Netscape Communicator

Creating message filters helps you to manage your incoming email from the course list. By creating separate folders for your workshop email, you'll be able to separate messages from your class from your regular mail, and avoid a cluttered inbox.

Here's how:

  1. Launch Netscape Communicator.
  2. Select Edit | Message Filters...from the Communicator menu.
  3. Click the New... button to bring up Filter Rules dialog box.
  4. Click in the Filter name: box and replace the word, untitled, with a filter name of your choice, such as Workshop Email.
  5. Change the default choice, Match any of the following, to Match all of the following.
  6. The next row is especially important as it contains the options to build your filter. Change the first line so that it reads, "When the TO LINE of the message CONTAINS." In the box, enter the email address for your class's group mailing list. (Example: [email protected].)
  7. The next drop-down menu contains a list that contains handling options for email that matches your filter rules. Select the Move to folder option to. You must create a folder by clicking the New Folder... button found on the right edge of the dialog box. The filtered email will then be placed in the designated folder.
  8. The Delete option will cause email that matches your rule to be directly deposited in your Trash folder. Make certain you have selected Move to folder and not Delete, or you will lose your workshop email!



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