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Q&A With Susan K. Perry
Best-selling author of Writing In Flow
What is "flow?" It's that elusive state writers sometimes slip into--where time stands still and words flow out in an effortless stream. Susan K. Perry wrote the book on flow, so to speak. Now she teams with Coffeehouse to answer your questions on the subject. Read Susan's current question and answer--and send a question of your own.

I always thought of what you're calling "flow" as "writer's trance," and I often don't write anything but journal entries unless in that state. I am still trying to master when I enter it, as I find I do not always have time for it, but have difficulty writing in a more conscious state. It's hard for me to map out plot unless I let my "other self" take over. Have you heard this from anybody else, and do you have any suggestions for solving this difficulty?

Which "self" is necessary for mapping out plot? Are you saying you
need to be in your "trance" state, i.e, a flow state, in order to get much
good plotting or other creative work done? If so, you probably REALLY
ought to read WRITING IN FLOW, since that's where I collect dozens of
suggestions and ways that top writers get themselves into their flow, or
trance-like states. I think you need to carve out a special time each day
for writing, so that it starts to become more automatic for your brain and
psyche to make the switch. Think about your writing routine. It NEEDS to
become rather routine, so that sooner or later, if not EVERY time, but most
times, you WILL switch over to your other self soon after you sit down to
write. It IS possible to move toward getting into that place much more

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Our Questions & Answers are excerpted with permission from Writing In Flow: Keys to Enhanced Creativity, by Susan K. Perry, Ph.D.

Susan K. Perry, Ph.D. is a social psychologist who has studied the writing
process in depth by interviewing 76 top novelists and poets. Her book,
Writing In Flow, is a bestseller. She has also written several other
books, hundreds of articles, teaches nonfiction book and article writing at
Writer's Digest Online Workshops, and does consulting for writers.

Send your questions about writing--the creative process or any aspect of
writing and publishing--to Susan directly at [email protected].
Please mention Coffeehouse for Writers! Selected questions will be answered via e-mail
and on this page.

For lots more Q&As, don't miss Susan's own Expert Q&A page at her website, bunnyape.com.

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