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Audit A Workshop for Free

What does this mean?

Auditing a workshop means you will receive all the same instruction your paying classmates will. You'll see how our workshops are run, and the sort of content that is included in each. Undoubtedly, you'll learn many new tricks and tips to improve your writing. The only difference between auditing a workshop and enrolling in one is that you won't be able to interact with your classmates or your facilitator. You will act as an observer on the list, without the ability to submit writing, critique, or comment. (Of course, you can still always email your facilitator privately if you have a question.)

Why audit a workshop?

Well, that's a question we ponder, too. Why would you want to audit a workshop when--for just $40--you can participate fully? The only reason we can think of is that you are uncertain of the quality and content of our workshops and you want to make sure they're for you before you commit to spending money on them. In that case, we applaud your common sense and consumer awareness. Audit away!

Which workshop is available to audit?

You may sign up below to audit our popular "Writing Fiction 101" Workshop. If you'd like to read the course syllabus, just CLICK HERE.

Sign Up to Audit A Workshop

Registrants auditing a workshop will receive information regarding their registration by email prior to the workshop starting date. If you have any questions, comments or problems registering, please write to [email protected]



Yes, please sign me up to audit "Writing Fiction 101" at your next starting date

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