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SEO Savvy For Writers

Facilitator:  Keith Ecker

Workshop Syllabus

Week 1: SEO Basics

Just how does a site like Google work? Understanding the general operation of a search engine is essential to maximizing your SEO efforts. Low on tech talk and high on easy-to-understand information, this week's class will provide an overview of search engine functionality. We'll also define SEO and generally touch on the techniques we will be discussing in the following weeks.

Week 2: Keywords

Keywords are one of the most important tools in the SEO toolbox. These simple words and phrases have the power to make or break a website. This class will define keywords and explain their importance. You will also receive a primer on Google AdWords. This essential tool, which is used by top SEO experts, is one of the most powerful keyword research tools available. Finally, we will also discuss the placement of keywords within your site's content to increase your site's search-engine ranking.

Week 3: Metadata and Taxonomies

There is more to a website than meets the eye. Hidden data, known as metadata, can greatly influence a site's search-engine placement. This class will define metadata and detail how you can incorporate this unique form of information into your Webpage. We will also dive further into metatags, a type of metadata that helps organize content on your site. By using a system of categories and metatags, you can create what is known as a taxonomy. This taxonomy, if created efficiently and effectively, can dramatically increase your site's visibility.

Week 4: Anchor Text and Links

Did you know that links that point to your website actually increase its ranking on a search engine? In this class, we will discuss the important role incoming and outgoing links play in SEO. In addition, we will discuss the critical role anchor text plays in linking and go over a set of best practices. Finally, you will learn how to code your own links by using basic HTML.


This course is designed to provide writers with a working knowledge of SEO tools and techniques. For four weeks, we will convene to study search-engine and SEO essentials, including keywords, metatags, links and anchor text. By the end of the class, you will know how to determine effective keywords using Google AdWords, incorporate keywords into Webpages, create links, select anchor text and create a taxonomy.

Prerequisite: None

Required reading: None

About the Facilitator: Keith Ecker is the principal of Hungry Eyes Marketing, an agency that provides publicity and marketing services to writers, authors and publishers. He is the former online editor and technology editor of the national legal magazine InsideCounsel and has written about technology for a number of multinational software companies and consultancies. He has done SEO writing for such companies as AOL, Travelzoo.com and Attorneys.com.




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Workshop Duration: 4 Weeks  

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