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Answers EXERCISE 10

Did you identify and remove the tautologies in these sentences?

1. It must be seven years ago since I saw you.

2. The car sped very quickly up the hill.

3. He released a document which outlined his forward planning for the company.

4. What you said about the girls is meaningless nonsense.

5. I think Jim carries out his duties with excessive zeal.

6. He's just a wandering nomad.

7. This music has its antecedents origins in the past.

8. The sun has gone down, setting slowly in the west behind the     mountains/sea etc.

9. That man is a real paid professional.

10.It's time to take stock and to look back in retrospect.

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How did you score?

10 Correct--You're stunning, splendid, stellar, stupendous...
8 Correct--Doesn't suck, but you could use a little brushing up.
6 Correct--Whoops! Somebody didn't pay attention in high school English.
Less Than 6 Correct--Oh, for shame. Better pick up some grammar books--fast!

Need some help?
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