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                     Creating Character

Facilitator: Victoria Grossack

Do you want to know how to write “character-driven” stories? Do you want to learn how to create characters your readers will care about? Heroes that your readers will love, and villains that they will hate? Then sign up for this four-week course taught by internationally published Victoria Grossack.

 Workshop Syllabus:

Week One – Character-Driven Stories

Introduction: Discussion of character arcs and what it means to have a character-driven story

Your Characters’ Wants (Part One): How wants and desires define your characters’ personalities

Your Characters’ Wants (Part Two): How your characters’ wants bring tension to your story – the essence of a character-driven story

Week Two – Characters to Love and to Hate

We All Need Someone to Love: How to create characters that gain the sympathy of your readers

Valuable Villains: Making characters your readers love to hate

Extra Reading: How readers feel while reading a character-driven story

Week Three – Magic in the Details

What’s in a Name: Choosing names for your characters

Tics and Tags: Physical, mental and other details that bring characters to life

Metaphors: How to create metaphors that reflect your characters’ world-view and demonstrate the character-driven story

Week Four – Point of View

Point of View (Part One) – What is person? What is point of view?

Point of View (Part Two) – How POV creates a character-driven story

Extra Reading: Portraying your characters’ thoughts

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Workshop Duration: 4 weeks  

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