Learn to write scenes your readers want to read over and over, by making them satisfying, thrilling, and alive.

Recommendation for class: at least one scene on which you want to work.

1.       What are scenes?  Introduction to scenes in film, theatre, books and the situations in public where someone might say: “Stop making a scene!¨  These embarrassing scenes can actually be helpful.

2.       Basic mechanics of scenes: Who, what, where, when, how, why, POV?

3.       Advanced mechanics of scenes: Background activities, characters’ desires, conflict, climax, twists, turns, revelations and setbacks

4.       Techniques for putting the reader there: Verb tense, body language, showing vs telling, dialogue, internal monologue

5.       Your scene and the rest of your book: transitions, leading up to a scene, follow up, sequence of scenes  

Workshop duration: 2-day workshop

Tuition:   $49.00