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"Excellent teacher! I would recommend this class...to any writer or student to open their path and find their muse. I would take it again in a heartbeat."
-- Darlene G.

I had no expectations going into the workshop, but if I had your instruction would have far exceeded what I expected. Your instruction was filled with kindness and that says a great deal about you as a writer.
   --Karen H., College English Professor

Rachelle has a gift for explaining the writing process that is very credible. Even the text did not do quite the job that she did, in my opinion. Thanks for the great class!
-- Betsy B.

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Nurturing the Muse

Facilitator:  Rachelle Nones

Workshop Syllabus

Is your writing life "running on empty?" Has your muse abandoned you? This workshop will recharge your batteries and get your fingers flying across the keyboard! Learn how to live the writer's life to the fullest with tips on coping with rejection and finding ways to nurture and nourish your creative muse. If you are feeling dejected, disorganized or unsupported in your creative efforts you will benefit from taking this workshop! In addition to instructional lessons, some lessons include writing assignments that are discussed in group sessions.

Week One: Living The Writer's Life

These two sessions are targeted towards getting organized and focused on your writing. Learn how to cultivate new writing habits and learn to organize your daily routine in such a way
that writing becomes a natural part of your lifestyle. These sessions were created to make you more productive and will get you off to a great start!

Week Two: Developing and Marketing 
Your Unique Writing Style

What have you got to offer? These sessions will help develop your own unique style and find markets that will appreciate your work and pay you for it.

Week Three:
Embracing The Muse.
Finding "Writing Power" In Your Daily Life

Learn how to use daily activities and events to fuel your writing.

Week Four:

To wrap up, we'll discuss using the writer's journal to your best benefit. The final lessons usually include additional feedback to answer any unanswered questions that students may have.

By the end of the course, each student will be closer to developing a unique writing style and will be more comfortable with the volume of work that they are producing. They will have obtained concrete tools for finding increased satisfaction in their daily writing activities and will be more productive, confident and focused.

Prerequisites: None

Required Materials: Students for this workshop must purchase:

Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg. 

Wild Mind: Living The Writer's Life by Natalie Goldberg.

About the Facilitator

Rachelle Nones read her way through college, earning a degree in English literature. She is the staff book reviewer for Writer Online and writes for a variety of publications. Rachelle once worked as co-editor for a humane education and environmental advocacy newsletter published by Supporting and Promoting Ethics for the Animal Kingdom (SPEAK) and is still very much involved in promoting humane education. Rachelle has taught her "Nurturing the Muse" writing workshop at Coffeehouse for Writers since September of 1999 and has seen many of her former workshop students become published writers. You can learn more about Rachelle by checking out her website: URL: http://clik.to/clixtorachelle

Workshop Begins: August 2nd
Duration: 4 weeks  
Tuition: $80

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Workshop Terms of Service.


The books listed below are required for this workshop. When you register, please make certain you have acquired the necessary text.

Writing Down the Bones: Freeing the Writer Within
by Natalie Goldberg

Wherein we discover that many of the "rules" for good writing and good sex are the same: Keep your hand moving, lose control, and don't think. Goldberg brings a touch of Zen  to her writing practice, the latter in exercises and anecdotes designed to ease you into your body, your whole spirit, while you create, the former in being where you are, working with what you have, and writing from the moment.

Wild Mind
by Natalie Goldberg

Natalie Goldberg teaches a method of writing that can take you beyond craft to the true source of creative power: The mind that is "raw, full of energy, alive and hungry."

Here is compassionate, practical, and often humorous advice about how to find time to write, how to discover your personal style, how to make sentences come alive, and how to overcome procrastination and writer's block -- including more than thirty provocative "Try this" exercises to get your pen moving.

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