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Promotion 101: From Beginning to End

Facilitator:  Ayn Hunt

Workshop Syllabus

Multi-published writer Ayn Hunt will show students the ins and outs of pre-publication tools as well as the various types of promotion to make their books stand out. In this eight-week, interactive course students will learn how to write eye-catching queries to both agents and publishers, what a synopsis is and isnít, and how to write one; writing that all-important marketing plan which many publishers and agents now require, and the difference between e-publishers and traditional publishers.

In addition, students will also begin to practice on-line promoting which weĎll cover in class; person-to-person, off-line promoting, which will also be discussed; places students can list their books for free; the advantages and disadvantages of doing on-line chats, giving talks, and speaking engagements, and how to have a successful book-signing

Week 1
Great is the Art of Beginning.

In order to get something published you must first make contact with a publisher, editor, or agent and that way is usually through a query. It is an essential selling tool for your idea, your work, and you. Learn what a query is and how to craft one which will get the interest of those you seek to impress.  Included is an exercise which you can send to the instructor for a critique.

Many writers hate writing them, but like it or not, a synopsis is usually mandatory with whatever you send to  Find out what a synopsis is and isnít, and how to write one without gnashing your teeth.  An exercise is included to get you started. 

Week 2
Cover Letters
Cover letters should automatically be included in most submittals to publishers, agents, or editors. Discover how to write one that will enhance your chance for success.  An exercise is included.

E-Publishers versus Traditional Publishers
This is a hotly debated subject, and with good reason. Itís in a constant state of flux, even as this is being written. But there are some basic differences that remain constant. Find out what those are and what you can expect from each type. Note: before you send anything to a publisher or agent, always check  Editors & Predators, located at http://AnotherRealm.com

Week 3
Promotion  (General)
When to start getting the word out, how much should you do, how many hours to spend doing it and how much money to spend.

On-Line Promotion
Learn about the many things you can do while wearing your fluffy bunny slippers and without ever leaving the comfy of your home. The beauty is you can do these whenever the time is right for you, but how much time a day should you spend? How much money?  What are the advantages and disadvantages of each type of on-line promotion?

Week 4
Off-Line Promotion
Getting up close and personal is used here.  Find out how to have a successful book signing, how to set them up, what to expect, and what the advantages and disadvantages of them are.  Speaking engagements of various types are also addressed and what organizations you can contact now to set one up.  The all-important Marketing Plans (sample provided) is also discussed, since many publishers and agents are requiring them.

Prerequisite None.

About the Facilitator:

Ayn Hunt is a full-time writer and lifelong Texan who has wanted to write ever since she can remember. She's the author of three published Gothic Mysteries: Unwilling Killers, Obsessed and The Haunting. Because she strives for realism in her books she started researching ghosts several years ago and now has a nonfiction newsletter about them called Haunted Happenings. In addition to going out to the several hundred subscribers who request it by e-mail, it also appears on the website of AnotherRealm.com and GottaWriteNetwork.com, where Ayn is the Paranormal editor. She also writes freelance articles which have appeared in various on-line publications such as Neverary.com and WomenonWriting.com.

Married for 32 years, she loves cats, taking long walks and reading everything that crosses her path.

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Workshop Duration: 4 weeks  

Class on hold until further notice for 2012


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The following books are not required purchases for this course, but are highly recommended by the facilitator.

Contract Bride
by Ayn Amorelli

Bob was desperate. He had a once in a lifetime chance to become a millionaire. But in order to get his hands on the 20 million bucks left to him by his late aunt he had to get married and father a child within ten months.

Kayla was equally desperate. Let go when her boss was fired Kayla was unemployed and living beyond her means. She was about to be kicked out of her apartment and about to have her car repossessed.

Desperate to hang onto her apartment she took a job at Bob's friend's topless maid service. But when Bob offered her the chance to make two million dollars by signing his contract, becoming his wife and having his child she jumped at the chance.


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