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Speechwriting 101

Facilitator:  Karen Hodge

Workshop Syllabus

Learn to craft organized, effective speeches for success. Whether you are looking to freelance as a speechwriter, have to make presentations for work, or are looking to start your own public speaking business, this course will teach you the basics of putting together a presentation with impact.

Week 1:  Choosing a winning topic

Crafting your message to meet your audience’s needs.

Week 2:  Defining your specific purpose – a roadmap for success

Week 3:  Finding the best supporting material

Week 4:  Starting and finishing with a bang – not a whimper

Fine tuning the details


Required Materials:  None

About the Facilitator: Karen Hodge has been a professional educator and writer for more than 15 years. She has taught communication courses on the college level and facilitated numerous seminars on a variety of topics, including public speaking, time management, personal development, and self-esteem building. Her writing skills include grant proposals (that have garnered more than $11,000,000 over the past decade), news and feature stories for magazines and newsletters, and promotional materials. In addition, she has provided resume writing services to dozens of individuals, helping them secure jobs that ranged from entry to executive levels. Check out her website (www.brokenlocket.com) or email her at [email protected].

Workshop Begins:
 September 6th

Duration: 4 weeks  

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"Karen, do you see what you are doing to me, and all the rest of my fellow writers too? You are...so motivational! A new assignment comes and I have to sit right down and write. I even have to sit right down and write when there isn't an assignment. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
    - student

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