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"This workshop has provided me with a solid means to make money with my writing. Grant writing is a [highly sought] skill, so I know my services will be in demand! The facilitator was educated and professional. This may not be a glamorous field, but it [will] certainly help me pay my bills!"
- Workshop Student

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Introduction to Grant Writing

Facilitator:  Karen Hodge

Workshop Syllabus

Writers looking to make a living while making a difference will find grant writing a rewarding field. Whether you want to secure a job as a full-time proposal writer, freelance, or just raise grant dollars for a cause in which you believe, you'll benefit from this beginner's course. Over the next four weeks you'll learn the basics of writing and submitting winning grant proposals.

Week 1Getting Started

Clarifying your idea: a clear idea leads to grant success
Where the grants are

Week 2 Writing the proposal, part 1

Writing a compelling need statement
Writing a winning project description

Week 3:  Writing the proposal, part 2

Other information you might include in a winning grant proposal

Week 4Submitting your proposal

Following up and carrying out your project

About the Facilitator: Karen Hodge has been a professional educator and writer for more than 15 years. She has taught communication courses on the college level and facilitated numerous seminars on a variety of topics, including public speaking, time management, personal development, and self-esteem building. Her writing skills include grant proposals (that have garnered more than $11,000,000 over the past decade), news and feature stories for magazines and newsletters, and promotional materials. In addition, she has provided resume writing services to dozens of individuals, helping them secure jobs that ranged from entry to executive levels. Check out her website (www.brokenlocket.com) or email her at [email protected].

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Workshop Duration: 4 weeks  

Scheduled Sessions:
   October 2004 Session, Beginning October 11th
   January 2005 Session,
Beginning January 10th
   February 2005 Session,
Beginning February 14th
March 2005 Session,
Beginning March 21st
   April 2005 Session,
Beginning April 25th
   May/June 2005 Session,
Beginning May 30th
   July 2005 Session,
Beginning July 11th
   August 2005 Session,
Beginning August 15th
   September 2005 Session, Beginning Sep. 19th
   October 2005 Session,
Beginning October 24th

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Books recommended on this page are not required reading for participation in the course.

Grantseeker's Toolkit
by Cheryl Carter New and James Aaron Quick

Grants are a key source of support for most nonprofit organizations, particularly new organizations or those starting new programs. This guide, developed out of a series of seminars, helps grantseekers develop a strategic plan for finding funds for their programs. It outlines how to develop a program that will receive funding and provides the best methods for writing a grant proposal.

Demystifying Grant Seeking
by Larissa Golden Brown and Martin John Brown

A practical, hands-on— and most importantly, realistic— guide to the entire grantsmanship process. Unlike so many how-to guidebooks which promise what they cannot deliver, while propagating the myth that successful grants require nothing more than a 'winning proposal', Demystifying Grant Seeking correctly places the proposal in its proper context alongside the 'other 90 percent of the process' that funders truly consider.

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